Residential Contractors

img-responsive Sqft Rates and Specification

Super Economy

₹1350.00/ Sqft
₹1490.00/ Sqft


₹1590.00/ Sqft
₹1650.00/ Sqft


₹1950.00/ Sqft

Super Luxury

₹2200.00/ Sqft
Why Us
  • Proper Agreement which defines all materials & work.
  • Documentation includes all materials building specifications, construction and payment schedules.
  • Client opportunity to inspect and approve materials and work to ensure appropriate materials are used.
  • Online update of weekly project progress.
  • Monthly schedule – progress comply statement.
  • Defect liability period – one year.
  • Skilled and professional management.
  • Payment according to payment schedule.
  • We will organize loan from all leading public & Private sector bank.
  • Final Checklist of the Residential/Commercial Building by our quality control and quality Check team.
  • Site engineers and Supervisors enhance the quality of work.
  • Skilled laborers.
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Structural design
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Construction design
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Optimize Cost
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